my soul is mine, 2014

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pirate girl, 2015

I walk so cold at night after a full sunny date
I do my way for a party to which I'm 2 hours late
The reason that makes me reason if I still go there,
Is that kind pretty girl with blond long hair

I walk my way too fast for something not so sure
A glass of wine in a lonely night might be the cure
The way I did before seem not to be the same
I decide I would take tonight as a game

Hey pirate girl
You just stole me
Now you take my heart
So far I cannot see

Hey pirate girl
Could you please take me
Why to stay apart
Alone I cannot be

When upstairs I cross my look with that one eye chick
The sweetness of her smile opened my heart so quick
And straight away I heard she's moving away
For some fucking course, way up north, next Thursday

My way to the wine was faster then, was all I need
I will loose her on the third time we meet
Her way to the wine seemed the same as mine I see,
I dance and act like crazy just like usually

My eyes keep grabbing hers in that awkward scene
As many other faces in the time between
But after when I noticed what I just did
I was treating her damaged eye like a little kid

Oh well we went too close too fast for what we drunk
We kissed just after while we were dancing funk
We found our way to know each other in a hidden corner
We went back home embrace like we know for so longer

My dear morning came too fast for me
I just decide to finally set my heart free
My dear morning you stole it so suddenly
I'm frozen and more than ever so lonely

the sun is still hot, 2016

wordcoin, 2016

Lyrics from RAP part - from 5:02

Black coins, white coins I love them all
When I get in the club I make them fall
Old coins, new coins I use them all
The age doesn’t matter after all

I was lucky enough I had some coin
at twenty I was able to join
the migratory youth of Portugal
hard workers overall

So then I went to Germany
for the fancy arts academy
missing my country
paying no students fee
I was so lucky
I was refugee
A Petite bourgeoisie
civil liberty

I was working on a coffee
Getting some salary
missing my country
paying my rent
enjoying safety
in the safest country
full of Petite bourgeoisie
civil liberty

I was getting my degree
with some scholarship money
Missing my country
working interdisciplinary
I was so happy
I was refugee
civil liberty

Another single male in Germany
enjoying the open boundary
I was growing successfully
In the world currency
I was so pretty
Was I refugee
or still a Petite bourgeoisie
civil liberty

The coin doesn’t matter so much to me
I was living comfortability
Still I left Germany
Still I regret it
Well I’m so happy
I am refugee
A Petite bourgeoisie
civil liberty

Now I don’t have a country
I lost my nationality
I’m looking for somebody
who treats me as currency
cause I’m worthy
I’m not refugee
I’m so lucky
civil liberty

too soon to be late, 2018

Too soon to be late
Too late to be comfortable
Too painful to wait
For the unexpectable
Tell me no
Tell me I’m not good enough
Tell me no
Tell me I’m not good enough
Tell me I was almost there

lazy nails, 2018

Praising laziness
I don’t work today
I just want to stay awake
And wait
For better times to come
For better reasons to move
For better funding to create
For better conditions to live in
For anything better than to wait
I don’t want to produce
Don’t want to be part of the machine today
My soft anarchist move
Don’t want nothing but to let my nails grow

the struggle, 2019

Waiting in the empty bus station
On my way to an overpriced hotel room
The fucking opportunists taking advantage
of my migrating nature

In the free movement I feel alone
Even if the bright screen tries to prove me wrong
In the free movement I’m cold
Even if the heat comes from the revolutionary score

Let me show a different way to see
Through the saturated view of today
A brand new sense of sensitivity
For the ones who here can’t stay

The world
With no seasons
What a time to live
The hard life seems too easy
When I cannot speak

The simulation of reality
Bold letters
In large phones
Telling me about separatism

In drag

Says fascism
Is dead

forever, 2019

There's no time for us
There's no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams
Yet slips away from us?

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever

Well, I might want
Thinking about this sense of cosmism
Where death is unnecessary
And birth is a luxury

Do we die online
Do we stay on the fight
Do we kill online
Do we leave it all behind

Prosthetic bodies in a bodiless being
Alternative facts of a probable feeling

Net neutrality
Net fidelity

Net brutality
No loyalty
And excess

Net immortality
Net security
And death

Come and export me
Promotion sales me
And ship it

Express delivery
Premium quality
follow me

I’ll be that cardboard box
Deliver at you neighbours door

I’ll be the perfect spy
Selling your private sight