‘Necessary Art’ is an interactive and mobile work consisting in bread-bags that were distributed during a lecture-performance. The work was infused into people’s daily life and intimacy through bread, reflecting on how to make thoughts contagious, and how to inject art into the intimate layer of society. The project started an extension of my book and lecture-performance “The gravity of time”, which question myths and prejudices around the notion of time, the ways it punctuates our daily life and restrains future perspectives. The publication and the performance require a certain time-investment from the audience – which is why, questioning the duration involved in the transmission of knowledge, I transferred the key ideas and concepts of the book onto paper bread-bags containing Brezels. In the form of printed slogans and advertisements, ideas from the book were given away during the exhibition. These free and appetising fragments of thought depended on circulation and exchange rather than time labour. A paper-bag prototype was introduced during a performance with two banners advertising the project.

the performance

the 'Necessary Art' bread bags (with bread inside)
+ the 'Necessary Art' carpet

another exhibition view

(here you can see how the two colors (red and blue) were represented in the wall: by having them printed in aluminum and by working the words themselves:
R-E-D-B-L-U-E built into a graphic-game)

view of a 'Necessary Art' X-Banner

the script

the print for the 'Necessary Art' bread bag

spreading free knowledge in stickers