‘The gravity of time’ is a book and lecture-performance that gathers distinct perspectives about time perception, time measurement and time in social behaviour. It entangles ideas and thoughts from philosophy, biology, neuroscience and physics, and presents them side-by-side with my own art practice and personal experiences. Three performances took place in a staged waiting room, unfolding all three chapters of the book with various small-scale works around: seven clocks running each at a distinct velocity (‘Seven singularities’), one clock running backwards (‘Verso time’), a small screen showing a temporal illusion (‘Odd triangle’) and a fictional flag for a future European Union (‘More is more’).

The project was also part of the exhibition ‘Enésima Intempestiva’ at the gallery Àngels Barcelona, with the launch of a second edition of the book and a new lecture-performance.

The gravity of time at 13h22
performed at the exhibition Enésima Intempestiva
Gallery àngels barcelona 

odd triangle

Do we exist in the past? at 17h08

The gravity of time
(136 pages, edition of 53 exemplars)

seven singularities

odd triangle (installed)

verso time

Why 12 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds? + The ten days that never existed at 18h09

ten past ten (GIF)

illustration for the book The gravity of time

beautiful time

Waking up at rather odd but beautiful times: when the sum of the hours’ digits equals the sum of the minutes’ digits
(my favourite 08:35, where 0+8=8 and 3+5=8)
ongoing performance

more is more (flag)

Labour-Surplus-Leisure time + The end of history? at 19:10

All excerpts from the book The gravity of time